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Appartement de Roses et de Vignes

      Renovation of the Apartment

Renovation : Shower Room

September 2017

At last we have been able to continue work (illness stopped play for several months).   Whilst we waited for permission, from the local Mayor, to change the window into a balcony door, and erect the antique railing, we decided to tackle the shower room. Now this may look like a boring photograph of grey slate tiles to you, but to us its a triumph. Wonderful to be able to work, and equally wonderful to work with such gorgeous tiles - but they are heavy! We have had the tiles, new wash basin and mirror and lights  for so long, its really good to see it being done at last.

Renovation has been slow, again due to illness - we were able to some start work again in September 2018

The shower room was finished during 2018 - beautiful, huge grey slate tiles and a modern sink with excellent lighting above make it a functional, but very pleasing room.

shower room in new gite 002.JPG
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