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Appartement de Simone,Domaine Cazilhac

Ferrals les Corbieres

Three generations of Ledogars

     Joseph, Joseph & Claude *

Domaine Cazilhac is a large Maison de Vigneron (Wine Maker's House) situated in the middle of the village of Ferrals les Corbieres. As is usual with Domaines, the house has extensive barns, these were used for stables for the plough horses who worked the vineyards, for wine making and storage (in huge oak casks originally) and for storing equipment. Smaller barns were used for the donkey who pulled the lighter carts and for the chickens and pigs. The house itself is huge with large attics where the house servants lived and, in the autumn, where the itinerant vineyard workers would also have had temporary accommodation.


The house was built in 1880 and we are currently researching to find the first inhabitants. In 1917, however, (Germaine) Simone Cazilhac was born and, sometime just before World War 11, she married a man with the family name of  Ledogar and they moved into the Domaine. We suspect that Simone's marriage was a short one and that her husband died during World War 11; what we do know, for a fact, is that he disappeared and Simone asked her brother in law, Joseph Ledogar, and his wife, to come and live with her and help with the vineyards. Later Joseph's son and his family also moved into the house; Simone then retired to the Domaine Owner's Apartment.


This Apartment we are now renovating to be our latest gite, and we intend to take it back to the opulence of the late 19th century when it was first built, and the vineyards in the region were booming. Once renovated the apartment, which is accessed by a private spiral staircase, will have  a huge bedroom with a four poster/canopied bed and exposed beams, a lounge with a Juliet balcony and a large kitchen/dining room with a wood burning stove. All the furnishings and decorations will be from the era of the late 1800's.


These pages will record the transformation of the Apartment back into its former splendour - we hope!

* Joseph Snr is now deceased, Joseph Jnr still lives in the village. Claude runs a successful building business based in the village whilst his cousins still make wine at Domaine Ledogar.
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