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Entrance & Private Garage


What is now a huge, three car garage, was once an entrance into the rear of the property - carts full of grapes would have been pulled through this area by a horse; the grapes to be unloaded and processed in the barns at the rear where the horse also had its stables.  Now it is a secure garage where you can leave your car,  and in it is also the entrance door to the spiral staircase that leads into the apartment.

The huge garage doors have a small door inset that you can use when you come and go if you don't want to move your car. The gite entrance, inside the garage, is accessed by a very ancient door (it has a piece that slides to the left so you can see who potential visitors  are when you are inside, a precursor of a security peephole). You then climb an old wooden spiral staircase up to a small landing and the door at the entrance of the apartment. From then on all is on one level.



The garage walls have had the plaster removed and the gorgeous Ferrals stone exposed and  varnished. There is a beautiful niche, framed by an old piece of metal previously used in a wine cave. When we revealed this niche there was an ancient rosary inside, wrapped up in an old newspaper dated 1883.




We have also renovated the original well pump, plus other antiques pertaining to the wine industry, which are displayed on the walls.


Immediately inside the apartment front door, in a spotlighted niche, is an ancient, hand blown glass wine flagon. At the top of the spiral staircase is a small landing with a display with a 19th century trunk and suitcase and an artist's antique easel together with a local painting. 



The small courtyard, for your private use, is to the left of the garage doors.

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