Every morning, in Narbonne, there is an inside food market at Les Halles pictured in background above. This is one of the best food markets in France having around 70 stalls - it is not to be missed. Everything is on offer from olives, to fish, to cheeses, to vegetables and fruit, even ready made meals such as tagine and cassoulet.  You could combine a visit with the Narbonne street market held on Sundays and Thursdays. Here you will find crockery, clothing, bedspreads, souvenirs, just about anything and everything, it's a great atmosphere.
















When at a market you will be offered a taste of many different foods. French people would not dream of purchasing something without first tasting it. It has been said that you can have a full free meal by walking round a French food market! All of the foods on offer will have their place of origin clearly displayed, most will have come from nearby villages - it is rare that market foods come from another region of France, even more rare for them to come from another country; the French are justifiably proud of their produce.  Organic (bio) foods are also on offer and this produce will be clearly marked.














Most of the villages have markets, Olonzac (Tuesdays) is particularly good as it takes place in their winding medieval streets, Lezignan is the nearest market (Wednesdays) and is also excellent, as is Narbonne.  If you fancy a drive, however,  the one not to miss is Pezenas on a Saturday morning - an amazing market in the stunning setting - the Knights Templar started their first pilgrimage from Pezenas and their Chapel is still there today.

                  Market Days


Carcassonne                Tues, Thurs & Sat

Caunes-Minervois         Tues, Thurs & Sat

Gruissan                      Wed & Fri

Lagrasse                      Saturday

Luecate                        Tues, Fri & Sat

Lezignan-Corbieres       Wednesday *

Mirepoix                       Monday *

Narbonne                     Daily ex. Monday

                                   in Les Halles

                                  (covered market) *

Narbonne                    Thurs & Sun *

Olonzac                       Tuesday *

Pezenas                       Saturday *

Quillan                         Wed & Sat

Rieux Minervois             Tues, Thurs & Sat

Sigean                         Tues & Fri


                                                         * highly recommended



 Maison des Fleurs                                                                                       Appartement de Roses et de Vignes                       Address   :    5 Rue des Tailleurs, Thezan des Corbieres,           Address  :    Domaine Cazilhac, 10 Rue des  Nobles,                                  France 11200                                                                                                       Ferrals les Corbieres, France, 11200    


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