Courtyard and Wildflower Meadow

There is a small courtyard in front of the house, this is enclosed for privacy and is only for the use of the apartment guests.  The courtyard has recliners and a table and is an ideal place to have your morning croissants and coffee, or to relax in the evening with a glass of wine. We also  own a large piece of land just ten minutes walk from the apartment - or two minutes drive if it's too hot to walk - there is parking space there. Over Autumn and Winter 2020 and Spring 2021 we are continuing to re wild this land as a  wildflower meadow. It was, many years ago, three vegetable gardens, now it will be  private gardens, for gite guests only. Recliners and a table are provided and there you can sun bathe or sit in the shade of the olive, quince and other fruit trees, enjoying the amazing variety of wild flowers in this region.  The meadow will be completed in Spring 2021 when we will upload further photographs and information, meanwhile......

Forget me Nots



Flanders Poppies

Grape Hyacinth

Oleander *



Genet (Broom)



Rosemary *




We keep a small part of the area mowed so that you can sit in the recliners provided on this lawn area and relax, picnic, read or even just watch the wild life. The  meadow abuts the river and we have seen many unusual birds, including an eagle. Please feel free to wander in the wild flower meadow and, if you enjoy fishing, you can fish in the river, from the gardens, without a permit. You are not allowed, by French law, to barbeque in the gardens or to light any type of fire, it is so hot and dry it would be an extreme hazard to do so.

The following trees, shrubs, climbers and wild flowers can be found in the garden and meadow, perhaps you can identify more? Those asterisked have been planted by us the rest are either wild or are from the remnants of the old flower garden that fronted onto the ancient potagers (vegetable gardens).





Olive *






Passion Flower

Grape Vine *

Amaranthus (Love Lies Bleeding)

Mediterranean Caper



Calendula (Marigold)

Sun flowers *


Mediterranean Caper


Apricot, Flanders Poppies, Rosemary, Quince

     Abricot, Coquelicot, Romarin, Coing


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